Fine cuts of Australian beef from premium portion control steaks to stir fries, roasts and minces.


Lamb & Goat

Tender cuts of lamb including racks, fillets, rumps and shanks.




Truly succulent cuts of Australian Pork that are perfect for roasting, barbecues and almost any occasion.



We stock most cuts of veal year round in order to satisfy the requirements of our customers.


Poultry & Game

Chicken is available fresh every day. Duck and a variety of game products are also available.



Our smallgoods makers have more than fifty years experience in producing a wide range of specialty smallgoods.



Hansa - offering the best service, quality and range

Hansa Butchery & Smallgoods has been around since the 1930s, serving the very best meats, poultry and award-winning continental smallgoods to the public of Melbourne.

Hansa Butchery offers a full range of beef, lamb, pork, goat, veal, poultry, hams, sausages, specialty meats and cold cuts, and the constant experimentation by our team of smallgoods makers means that new and exciting products are constantly emerging.

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